Optimism Vs Pessimism Vs Realism Vs. Realism Essay

Optimism Vs Pessimism Vs Realism Vs. Realism Essay

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Optimism vs. Pessimism/ Realism vs. Who’s Right
Towards the beginning of this novel, we meet the character Candide, who throughout the novel, Candide by Voltaire, was exposed to not only the philosophical idea of optimism, but also a dose of Pessimism and Realism. The question that arose from the novel however is what philosophical thought is right? It wasn’t until the last chapter where Candide says, “We must cultivate our garden,” which is essentially his own understanding of the events he has experienced. Contrary to all philosophical ideals he was exposed to, his experiences with the events that occurred leading him to believe that people are to take responsibility for their own actions and people shouldn’t question everything that has happened and just work.
Pangloss was not only a philosopher of optimism but also Candide’s mentor. He basically was known for his belief in the “best of all possible worlds.” Being that Pangloss was a philosopher of optimism and the mentor of Candide, Candide thought Pangloss words to be true. The first chapter describes this beautiful, immaculate, crafted exquisitely house where Candide resided, but because of Pangloss’s teaching Candide believed that he could test his luck with Cunegonde where they have this mutual attraction. The problem arose when they were caught kissing and Candide was banished from this striking house. Even when Candide was exiled from the building he still had Pangloss’s teaching in him and believed in the philosophical teaching of optimism. After being banished from the building Candide finds Pangloss, who turned out to be stricken with a disease that he obtained from a woman. Candide, who believes that one day he will be reunited with his supposed one true love, was th...

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...n foot…,” who basically still hasn’t gotten the memo to leave the idea of optimism behind. The ending of the novel shows how Candide grew and took from the experiences during the adventure to finding Cunegonde. Candide realizes that everybody is responsible for their own actions. The fact that throughout the novel whenever Candide had to endure a problematic issue he would often reiterate saying that Pangloss would say, but often end up in misfortune. Candide realizes that following Pangloss ideals may seem unrealistic and following Martin ideals is also unrealistic. The garden that Candide and the others help create was something they did themselves without having to follow someone direction just as Candide did throughout this novel. Candide finds that just working and not questioning anything that occurs has better outcomes than following either Pangloss or Martin.

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