Essay on Oppression Of Women During The Middle East

Essay on Oppression Of Women During The Middle East

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In today’s society, many people dismiss problems in third world countries. The oppression of women in the Middle East has declined in the past few years. The International Society for Human Rights published an advertisement that shows the oppression of women in the Middle East. They believe that the human rights situation is currently getting worse. This advertisement condemns the oppression of women located in Middle Eastern countries. They say that many women experience oppression in the Middle East, but I say that this oppression needs to end completely because this type of religious covering alienates and controls Muslim women in Islamic countries.
This advertisement, created by the International Society for Human Rights, illustrates a close-up of a woman wearing a niqab. A niqab is similar to a burqa, but covers the face fully excluding the body, and leaves the eyes visible to the public. Niqabs are worn by Muslim women all over the world, but especially those of the Hanbali religion that mostly reside in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The niqab is a symbol of modesty and used to express religious faith. Women who practice the Islamic faith are required to wear a niqab in public places.
In the bottom right-hand corner of the advertisement, the tagline reads: “Stop the oppression of women in the Islamic world”. The tagline also includes the website of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) that provides more information on the topic of human rights in Middle Eastern countries. The designer wants the viewers to focus on the picture, not the logo, based on the fact of the logo’s location. Also, the font is extremely small compared to the overall size of the advertisement as a whole. The typography is small to ensure that t...

... middle of paper ...

...ring, is the ultimate symbol of female oppression. Muslim men want females who wear full body coverings or facial veils to be fully obedient, hidden, and powerless. These men just want power and control over their female family members.
Ultimately, the niqab or any similar religious piece of clothing isolates Muslim women from society. A full body or facial covering is a form of imprisonment as portrayed by the advertisement. Muslim women who live in predominately Islamic countries are being oppressed and campaigns such as The International Society for Human Rights try their hardest to stop this unjust treatment of women. The niqab is not a sign of religion, but a sign of docility. The Islamic faith essentially wants all Muslim women to conform to wearing a full body or facial covering whether they want to or not. Overall, this female oppression is wrong and unjust.

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