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Oppression in the United States has been an issue ever since the earliest years of settlement. The issue was often out ruled by the majority in the courtroom and rarely spoken about in the favor of the minority, leaving the outnumbered group with no say in their citizenship. The degradation of all races, excluding Caucasians, has created many hardships for the individuals as if they were traitors, slaves and savages. Between 1945 to 1988, Native, Japanese, African and Latin American minority groups began to recognize the power of collaboration and publicly pushed against the laws of oppression and put segregation as the number one priority in America.
Through assimilation, separation and removal, European settlers dramatically exterminated the Native Indian population until the 20th century. Countless times, Native American Indians took their issues to court and countless times were turned away. “During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Native Americans put pressure on the federal government to address Indian issues and needs and to reassert Indian rights” (Marger 144). These issues and needs that were met are now known as the Red Power movement. The Native Americans continued to fight for independence and were granted “Greater empowerment than any other time in the nineteenth century” (Native Americans: A Historical Overview 36).
Hispanic and Latino(a) Americans differ greatly from the Native Americans, they did not become involved at the very beginning when the WASP settlers arrived in the country. Originally, Latino Americans entered the United States “as a conquered group” (Latino(a)/Hispanic Americans 6). The economic opportunity is eye catching to majority of the Latino(a) population, creating a sense of economic betterment. ...

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...ights and privileges in all these areas but are less committed to approving measures necessary to guarantee them” (Marger 281). Although African Americans have gained legal rights, the social construct became worse than it was before.
Every minority group is alike in continuing to break the barrier of inequality by pressing into the media and gain followers. They are working their way up the social class system through education and powerful positions to be a voice for their race and culture. These groups have all succeeded in some form in the political aspect but is racism ever going to fully disappear? There is still an obstacle in the social society of inequality and it is continuing to move closer to ending the racial barrier that is between the majority and minority groups in America. Although we still have a long way to go, one day racism will meet its ends.

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