Opposite Characters in Make Lemonade by Virginia Wolf Essay

Opposite Characters in Make Lemonade by Virginia Wolf Essay

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In the book Make Lemonade by Virginia Wolff the two characters Jolly and Lavaughn are opposites. Jolly is a seventeen year old mother with two children and absent fathers.While Lavaughn is a fourteen year old girl with plans for her future. Throughout the book the two go through problems but find a way to get through them when they realize that they have to make the best of it. By the end of the book Lavaughn and Jolly have grown to be different people based upon the problems that life has given them.
In the book the character Lavaughn is the type of person who cares about her education because she wants to get somewhere in life. Lavaughn tries her best to keep her grades up because she wants to get into college. Lavaughn is so focused on going to college because according to pg 10 chapter 4 her mother says “ nobody in this building Ever went to college, nobody in this family “Somebody got to be the first, right”. With her mother making these statements, Lavaughn want to pursue her goal to go to college.In addition, Lavaughn is a very determined person. For example, Lavaughn was looking for jobs that were being offered when she was at school.She found a job babysitting for another teenager named Jolly. Finally, Lavaughn would also be considered to be a caring person. Lavaughn is caring because, when she had to babysit, she was sacrificing her education to babysit Jolly’s two children. For instance, on page 27 it says that Jolly was gone for two days and Lavaughn had to stay home from school for a whole day. Also on page 21, chapter 8, it says that “Myrtle and Annie saw me skipping lunch to finish my math”. This shows how Lavaughn happens to be a caring, persist, and helpful person.
In the book Jolly is a seventeen year...

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...3 Lavaughn sees Jolly’s point of the story.In addition, Jolly also learns somethings from Lavaughn like that going to school is was a good idea.For example, when Jolly joined the Moms up program it made her life easier because she had more than Lavaughn to help her. She was able to take of her kids without struggling, she was able to focus on her school work, and most of all she was able to save a life.Even though Jolly and Lavaughn were opposites they were able to teach on another something in life.
Overall, Jolly and Lavaughn maybe different but their similaties is what brings them closer together to get to the point that they are in now.Creating this bond has help them teach one other something in life.However the two go through problems throughout the book but they figure them out once they find the key which is making lemonade.

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