Opposing Sides : Feminism And Anti Feminism Essay

Opposing Sides : Feminism And Anti Feminism Essay

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Opposing Sides: Feminism and Anti-Feminism
Throughout the twentieth century, there have been many drastic changes with regards to the political, vocational, and everyday lives of women. The woman’s overwhelming response to these changes formed two opposing forces known as the feminists and the anti-feminists. Feminists support the belief that women are equal to men in every facet of life and are not to be “brainwashed” into following a submissive housewife role. On the opposing side, anti-feminists believe that a woman’s responsibility is to be a homemaker and to take care of their children and families above other obligations. Although both are very controversial groups, both possess various merits and disadvantages. Taking into account the following pros and cons of each side, one can see that the anti-feminists contribute a more positive influence to society as a whole.
Though every individual of the group has somewhat differing opinions and levels of devoutness, the overall merits and disadvantages of the feminist group are based around the liberation of women from the oppression of the male-empowered society. The first of these merits is that feminists encourage women to apply their talents and abilities outside of the home which spawns creativity and novel ideas in the world as a whole. Secondly, this ideology preps women for the worst-case scenario by allowing them to function independently. If a woman’s husband dies or they get a divorce, she will be able to function in society and possess the knowledge of how to make money and live on her own. Lastly, feminism allows women to push together as a group for causes that are important to them, such as education, fair and amiable work environments, and the abolish...

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...positive influence on society as a whole, which leads one to believe that the anti-feminist perspective is the correct stance to take. As society continually changes, the effects of women in the world will also change, but the innate instincts and gender roles that are established for each sex will help to keep a sense of balance in the future.

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