Opportunites to Expand the Facebook Brand Essay

Opportunites to Expand the Facebook Brand Essay

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Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook Inc. in July 2004 for university students to socialize online. The idea was spread quickly which caused many users to join in a month. Users started increasing every month. In 2006, the website removed limits of registration which also increased the number of users to millions. The total market share of the company is 157.45 billions of dollars. The company is trying to grow so it can become the internet. It has many different projects and is investing in social media applications to get as much as information of people and trying to keep people connected through different ways. People use Facebook to stay in contact with relatives and friends so they can notice what is happening in the world they live in. They share experiences and matters about the persons they care. If you can use and control Facebook’s popularity then it will benefit in succeeding your small business. Facebook has been involved in building products, which will provide users with value for users, advertisers, and developers.
Facebook has its own mobile application which can be downloaded and the users can use most of the features used on the website. The mobile application they are using has a responsive design; each mobile has different resolutions for its screen sizes. Facebook did not ignore that because it wants the users to be comfortable and not complain about any issues related to text sizes or display of the application or mobile web. Facebook also has a Mobile application center where it provides social applications. There are applications like Facebook messenger, which can be downloaded for chatting purposes. Another application they have is an application, which allows you to download latest ...

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...ponsibility of limiting the information the upload, which is the solution. Facebook should consider our solution, which allow them to be dominant in the online market.

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