The Opportunistic Way Of The United States Essay

The Opportunistic Way Of The United States Essay

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The Opportunistic Way
Currently in the United States, we have 2.3 million people incarcerated in prison and jail, and an additional 7 million people either on probation or parole, thus, making us the most incarcerated nation on the planet. In comparison, we have a bigger prison population than those of China and Brazil combined. Clearly, this has become a tremendous problem and has affected many people, generally poorer people of color. The people as described, usually come from a childhood of abuse, gang violence, poverty, and early victimization by law enforcement in impoverished neighborhoods. I believe the issue isn’t the people within the community, but rather the system the governors that community. I believe our corrupt justice system is failing and should be completely reformed and encourage programs that help keep people out of jail as opposed to putting them in jail. I believe opportunity, love, and intervention should be prioritized instead of immeasurable punishment.
In a TED talk titled, “A Prosecutor 's Vision for a Better Justice System,” Adam Foss, a Boston prosecutor, explains his idea of a reformed justice system that gives more opportunities to strive, as opposed to stamping someone as a criminal. To open his talk, Foss begins by asking the crowd a series of questions about bad decisions they may have made as children, these decisions included shoplifting or getting into a physical altercation with someone. Not surprisingly, many people in the crowd admitted to their mistakes, then Foss poses the question of, “How many of you [in the crowd] sitting here today think that you 're a danger to society or should be defined by those actions of youthful indiscretion?” (Foss). The room then went silent and the 200 ha...

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...ould be much more difficult, which means she will not be able to support her children leading her to do the same thing which will ultimately leave her in the cycle of prison. Foss continues to state, “instead of putting an abused teenager in adult jail for punching another teenager, we secured mental health treatment and community supervision” (Foss). This is another form of justice for the underprivileged. Showing care and love for someone, especially a teenager, who probably doesn 't receive much at home will lead to the betterment of one’s future. Serving a year or two in prison is not the issue, the issue is the record that is attached to someone for the entirety of their lives is the ultimate problem. Lastly, Christopher, who was mentored by Foss, ended up becoming a successful banker, and had the chance to thank Adam Foss for giving him an opportunity at life.

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