Essay about The Opinion of Four

Essay about The Opinion of Four

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Books that are on the Best-Seller-List are reviewed or criticized more than any other book published at any given time. Which is the case of the, “Tipping Point, written by Malcolm Gladwell.” Gladwell’s book has been combed over many times over by Book Reviews/Critics. From the excerpts, I have read of the, “Tipping Point,” Gladwell seems laudable of the reviews. Evaluation of the following Book Reviewer/Critics, Allan Wolfe from the, Kirk McElhearn from, and Andrew Collins from will allow me to form an opinion. Forming an opinion on personal knowledge and what the Book Critics praised and/or criticized about the, “Tipping Point.” The purpose of this essay will be to explain if I concur or oppose with the Book Reviews and to give my outlook on all information available.
Alan Wolfe a writer/book critic for the, “New York Times on the Web,” wrote an article/book review called, “The Next Big Thing.” His article was based on the book, “The Tipping Point.” Alan praised and criticized the writings of Malcolm Gladwell, in many ways. Wolfe also gave examples of fads. He explained that fads are, “previously unwanted products… that attract inexplicable attention suddenly (Wolfe).” Alan also elaborates on how fads are a form of, disorder that is always in our daily life (Wolfe),” I completely concur to the perception explained by Wolfe. Fads are a part of our lives not only adults, with keeping up with the Jones’s (cars and house) to teenagers and children with, fashion, hair styles, and toys (Pokémon). Agreeing also with fads being a disorder, we as people lose I minds around Christmas time to get the best toy out at that time. Going as far as to brutalize each other to get that l...

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...ust wanted to but the information he knows out there and share it with the world. An epidemic is always associated with the bad or evil, however the word epidemic can be used to share hope and open your eyes, heart, and mind. We all should think outside the box, and see the world through the tipping point.

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