Opinion Leadership Behaviors Towards Gm Science Essay

Opinion Leadership Behaviors Towards Gm Science Essay

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Participants asked list of six questions related to opinion leadership behaviors towards GM science. Tables 2 display participants’ personal perceptions of their opinion leadership behaviors related to GM science. Using a five-point bipolar response scale (1 = Low, 5 = High), responses to all six items within a GM science issue and the total was summed and averaged to create an overall perception of issue opinion leadership score for GM science.

Respondents were asked to indicate the source or entity in which to learn more about GM science topics (Figure 1). Respondents had a strong preference indicating interest to learn from universities researching GM science with 63%, indicating interest in organizations in support of GM science 60%, and indicating interest to learn from companies using GM science with 54%. As it relates to learning GM Science topics by source respondents showed a lower interested in learning from the news media with 24%, friends and family, 15.6 % and 9% indicating interest learning from colleagues.
Learning Opportunities about GM Science
Respondents were asked to indicate which types of learning opportunities they would most likely utilize to learn about GM science (Figure 2). Respondents had a strong preference for digital communication, with 75.6% indicating interest in a website and 46.8% indicating interest in watching television coverage. Respondents were also interested look at demonstration or display 41.7%. Respondents also showed a lower level of interest in learning opportunities that would require their attendance, with only 33.3% indicating interest in taking part in one time volunteer activity, 31.7% indicating interest in having face to face conversations, and 29.9% indicating interest i...

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... (2008), and Zilberman et al., (2013) studies that showed higher interested in obtaining information from universities researcher GM science.
This is an opportunity for extension educators to provide more educational materials/ programing direct towards opinion leaders and GM science. In addition, Extension should have an increased web presence that shows up to date information on GM science. The importance of opinion leader have been expressed throughout this study. Therefore, extension must utilize this great resource of opinion leaders within the community to become more affective with program delivery on pertaining to issues. For extension to be more effective, more extension educators throughout the country will have to partner with, and identify these individuals to ensure audience attitudes and behaviors are directly influenced with the right information.

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