Essay on Opinion Editorial By Hassan Abdi

Essay on Opinion Editorial By Hassan Abdi

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Opinion Editorial By Hassan Abdi In the article written by Richard Rodriguez, Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood, he conveys an opinion that Bilingual education doesn’t work. He conveys it through his personal experience. Published by the Phi Beta Kappa to the American Society in 1981, the audience and his message are a broad and important now as it was thirty five years ago. As the amount of children that don’t speak English as their first language continue to rise, bilingual education has become a polarizing topic like most things, and for me, I am neutral on the topic. A form of bilingual education has failed me, but, for most students it benefits in the long term, and it 's not right to dispel one side of the topic to push your own agenda. The one thing I know he did great was the way he wrote about his experience. He wrote in a way that made you feel moved, like you were growing up with him, understanding what he went through. Richard wrote “The nun said, in a friendly but oddly impersonal voice: "Boys and girls, this is Richard Rodriguez." (I heard her sound it out: Rich-heard Road-ree-guess.) It was the first time I had heard anyone say my name in English. "Richard," the nun repeated more slowly, writing my name down in her book” (25). That quote was the perfect example of how he wrote his memoir. Richard’s writing style made you feel connected to him in a way that made it feel like you were right there as he was growing up. It brought me back to my first class in the first grade, I was also a bilingual student, I was born in Kenya, and spent most of my childhood, I knew some English, but didn’t really understand it till later. Another aspect of the memoir that I want to respond to is about is his disregard of the oppo...

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...ead and write better in Spanish as well” (Theresa). The context of the quote was that while getting better at English the bilingual student would be better in their native language too. In conclusion, the strength of his argument is his writing. The way of he wrote made you feel what he felt through his experience, but the weakness is that he basically hide the other person 's viewpoint on the same matter. Without much evidence to back him up or much evidence to completely disregard the pro bilingual education movement. Even though I don’t like bilingual education is good, I still know about the benefits of having bilingual education because of looking through the other person 's viewpoint. Like I said earlier, with the population of immigrants rising, the debate about bilingual education is heating up, hopefully, you make your stand on facts, and personal experience.

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