The Opinion And Persuasive Essay

The Opinion And Persuasive Essay

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Consider the opinion and persuasive essays students are instructed to write. Using arguments and (hopefully) facts, students must explain their perspective, and then argue theirs is the correct side and all others are erroneous. They are to defend their opinion from attacks and to rip apart other viewpoints.
Also are current event reports. In these, the teacher has her pupils research the news or some current event (as the name helpfully describes) and share their findings with the class. Under certain teachers, not only are the students to do this, but they are to add a twist by giving their perspective.
More common for the younger pupils, found in the health classes, are activities like “four corners” where the teacher throws out a question and the students are to go to corner of the classroom which denotes the perspective they most agree with (e.g. one corner may be designated as the “strongly agree” corner, another the “agree” corner, etc.). When called upon, they are to shout as to why they align with said view and defend it from any skepticism others may have.
In some high school classes, the students rather informally discuss an issue, sharing their own opinion on whatever subject the teacher may have selected. A more formal activity for particular classes involves the students congregating into those who agree with them and those who disagree with them in order to prepare themselves for a brawl in which they dictate to the other congregations why they 're wrong and why they themselves are right.
Indeed, schools host debate clubs where the entire point is to put diamond-plated armor on your opinion and send it to battle hoping to see it come back with the head of the other man so that you may enjoy victory 's company.

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...ignorantiam fallacy? The answer is this: never or seldom. Absent from the schools are the philosophy clubs. Absent are the critical thinking, logic, and philosophical thinking classes. Few are the philosophy classes. Teachers don 't tell the students how to go about the process of thinking; they just want them to defend whatever nonsense they have concluded.
This must be changed. Teach them the scientific method. Teach them that correlation does not equal causation. Teach them the ad populum and ad hominem fallacies. Teach them logic and to explore all possible options to solving a problem like that of the Syrian refugee crisis; teach them a complex problem like this is not black and white. Teach them the importance of admitting when you 're wrong and of the dangers of mob-mentality. Teach them to seek the truth regardless of what it may mean for them personally.

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