Opiate : The Opiate Task Force Essay

Opiate : The Opiate Task Force Essay

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The event I attended was the Opiate Task Force Meeting and was located at the Cuyahoga Public Health Department in Parma, Ohio on April 26, 2016. I chose this event to help tie in the subject of opiate addiction in Cuyahoga County and the high drug use from East Cleveland in my Windshield survey. I wanted to hear what was happening on the other end, the “helping” portion for the addicts.
The mission of the Opiate Task Force is “To serve the residents of Cuyahoga County by actively working to raise public awareness, promote community action, and provide education related to the dangers and devastating effects of drug abuse.” (Cuyahoga County Opiate Task Force, n.d.). The major vision of the future of Cuyahoga County is to have a healthier community and to stop accidental overdoses by opiate abuse. Partnerships throughout the County are focusing on prevention, treatment, and recovery ( Cuyahoga County Opiate Task Force, n.d).
This event connects to my Windshield survey because my East Cleveland population is in the location of Cuyahoga County. I interviewed my cousin, a recovering heroin addict, and the director of the Lia House, a halfway house for opiate addicted men (Keep It Simple Sobriety Foundation, 2016). I wanted to help tie it all together with the County’s view and resources on how we are going to fix this epidemic, and what has already been done.
The purpose of this meeting was to hear two key speakers Lee Hoffer PhD., MPE and Dr. Tom Gilson speak about the Predictive Modeling for Heroin Use in Cuyahoga County and the current update on Fentanyl/Heroin overdoses. After we hear them speak, the key speaker Vince Caraffi, spoke about his meeting with the Governor, the CNN story that is going to air in 5 months on the Coun...

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