Ophelia, By William Shakespeare Essay

Ophelia, By William Shakespeare Essay

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She always did what she was told. She had no other choice she spoke her mind not for she was to do what her father said. It didn 't end there the all the other male in her life perceived her as an item. In Hamlet, Shakespeare portrays Ophelia as a character that is used as an object that is being manipulated. She is dehumanized by male figures, and the play rejects the sexist treatment of Ophelia. She is used as bait by male characters in the play to bring others into a means of a selfish end.
As Laertes says his farewells to Ophelia the love he has for her is portrayed as more than that of a brother. As he tries to manipulate Ophelia that Hamlet’s love is,
...A violet in the youth of primy nature
Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting,
The perfume and suppliance of a minute.
No more.(1.3 7-10)
He uses the love she bears for him and describes it as a “A violet in the youth primy nature forward” to make ophelia feel like he is truthful. She feels shameful because to her her father 's opinion is most important. Therefore creating an image of credibility. Making it easier for him to manipulate into believing that this so called love Hamlet has for her will soon be only a promise. This so called love will be “The suppliance of a minute” therefore maneuvering her into thinking that the relationship is not long far away from ending. As he tries to manipulate her it is clear that this treatment is been portrayed as sexiest because although they are both grown she is treated like a girl while he not only can he give her “advice” but leave Denmark. This same treatment towards Ophelia is shown by his polonius her father he cares not for Ophelia the way a father would for his twenty some...

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...etting his revenge will cure all and will help Ophelia instead of helping her. As Laertes is getting his revenge plan on Gertrude comes in with news “Your sister’s drowned, Laertes.” Ophelia has drowned herself she had no one to care for her and Hamlets selfish deeds along with Laertes have drowned her killed her she was deprived controlled and made into an item. This does not just end here but even when she is dead Hamlet and Laertes decide to fight over her like the possession she is to them.

Ophelia 's death seemed to have no place in the play since even after she died she was denied a full christian burial. Even after her death she was dehumanized she was denied. Two of the most important males in her life were fighting over her in her on her tomb, once again there selfish need to win over her took over them making them forget all about who she really was.

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