The Operations Strategy Of Lenscrafters Essay

The Operations Strategy Of Lenscrafters Essay

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The operations strategy that LensCrafters uses is kind of unique because they use differentiation strategy in their operations. With differentiation strategy, they believe that to get the best of customers, they have to live up to their standard. LensCrafters has accomplished everything in their power to make a difference in their products and services. In terms of making a difference in the following ways:
• LensCrafters proudly offer ninety days return policy or exchange if customers are not 100% satisfy with their merchandises. This is a move to ensure that clients are happy with their services and products.
• LensCrafters always make sure that the best of the doctors are around and these doctors offer complete eye examination to all patients available.
• LensCrafters Company, they have an onsite lab which offers an hour service so that patient can choose any type of lenses, frames of their choice within an hour. This is the type of service that people loves because it is convenient for them.
• LensCrafters is the only eye company that offers prolonged protection plan on their goods and services in this market and they offer a unique program known as a see now, pay later program, which gives customers twelve months of no interest on their purchases which helps make it affordable for everyone irrespective of their financial status.
With these strategies, it has made LensCrafters one step ahead of their competitors.
Operation management activities are different ways or processes used by operation managers to establish several methods where products or services can be improved upon, and to create better opportunities for businesses to attract consumers and to increase profits. With that been said, operation management is a ke...

... middle of paper ... result. The value chain model is about quality of the inputs provided, price, delivery reliability, and so forth. I believe that LensCrafters possesses those qualities (Collier, Evan, 2013, pg. 62).
When I looked at the different types of technologies used by LensCrafters Company to offer service operation to its customers, I will say that technology is playing a major delivering quality service at a specific time. The company uses a technological device called Claritye eye exam, it a new digital eye examination device that allows a doctor gather five times more information about the customer’s vision. The device does five tests and delivers the result at the same time.
Also, LensCrafters uses digital imaging eye care technology that captures the most detailed information about the customer’s eye, and even allows the doctor to share the result with the customer.

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