Operations Management: McDonald's Competitive Advantage Essay

Operations Management: McDonald's Competitive Advantage Essay

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
About McDonald’s 4
Process of McDonalds 4
Operations management 5
Operations managers 5
Operation strategy of McDonald’s 5
Pricing strategies of McDonald's 6
Innovation at McDonald's to improve operations and services 7
Inventory management 8
The Just-in-Time (JIT) Approach 9
Just- in-Time (JIT) Approach in McDonald’s 9
Advantages and benefits of JIT approach 10
Capacity management 11
Capacity strategies 11
McDonald's capacity strategy 11
Quality management 12
Quality management strategies 12
McDonald’s quality management 12
Reliability 13
Packaging quality 13
Interior design 14
Quality service abilities 14
Employee training 15
Continuous improvement 15
Customer satisfaction 16
Quality rules of McDonald's. 16
Lean synchronization 17
Lean synchronization in McDonald’s 17
Limitations 19
Conclusion and suggestions 20
Suggestions 20
References 21

Executive Summary
The purpose of this project is to know how operations management contributes to the competitive advantage of McDonald's. In this project I have also discussed the theoretical stand point of inventory, capacity management, lean synchronization and quality management and how they impacted on the organization. For this purpose I have selected McDonalds to obtain necessary data and its analysis.
On completion of this project I have learned that how operations and managements are implemented in the organization, where the company being leader in the food service industry.

Operations management strategies play an important role in any organization to achieve organizational goals. An organization uses these operations strategies to maintain and control all its operations...

... middle of paper ...

...d 11 May. 2014].
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