Essay Operational Plan For A Business License

Essay Operational Plan For A Business License

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Operational Plan
Permits and Licenses:
The first step in establishing our business is to acquire the various licenses and permits that would allow us to operate in the City of Edmonton; the first of these is a development permit. This is reviewed by a city development planner and determines whether our business is acting in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw, and should be allowed to operate in our specific zone. Upon having our development permit accepted, our company will apply for a business license. Our business fits under the commercial school category, and thus we are required to pay a $220 fee for this particular license, which we will need to renew annually. In addition to this, the following fees are also applied to our application: a $70 consultation fee, $60 Edmonton Fire Rescue inspection, and a service fee of $45. We are able to submit our application online to the City of Edmonton’s Current Planning Department.
Golden-Age Technology Services will be renting office space in Edmonton, Old Strathcona, at 8003-102 Street. The rent will be approximately $1,400 per month with GST and utilities included for 500 sq. feet. This building is situated just south of Whyte Avenue – which is the cosmopolitan heart of Edmonton – and is home to various senior homes. For example, the Bethany Senior Citizens Home, Strathcona Place, and two Greater Edmonton Foundation Seniors Housing locations are all in close proximity to this location. In addition to being near our target segment, the location is central, and as a result, accommodates and allows customers easy access to our office for appointments. The centrality of the location also helps to limit the travelling times for our technicians, an...

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...ersonable and excels at building rapport with customers. The job requires travel to and from in-home appointments and therefore employees are required to have their own vehicle; however, employees will be reimbursed for gasoline used during business operations. Employees must also obtain a criminal record check from the police department in their city of residence. Criminal record checks in the City of Edmonton cost $48 and will be mailed within seven business days from the date of payment. The fee will be reimbursed for successful applicants.
In accordance with company policies, employees participating in illegal activities – such as, but not limited to, using illicit substances – will receive a termination notice effective immediately. Otherwise, a notice for the termination of employment will be provided two weeks before the end date with severance pay.

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