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BSc (Hons) Business and Management Studies
Level 5 operations Management 1 (30481)
Title of assignment: Value Stream Mapping
Roll number @00342867
Hao Yu
Operations Management: Process Strategy
In order to be successful and profitable, the operational management in a restaurant must formulate effective and efficient process strategies. The core business purpose is to provide food and beverages, but the process strategies ensure profitability and business sustainability in the competitive market.
Effective processes enhance customer relations, especially in developing menus, efficient ordering of foods, purchasing food and beverages, facilities planning, and cost control procedures (Lindsay and Evans 46).
The following diagram illustrates the operation management processes of a typical restaurant.

Process Chart of a Typical Restaurant
Dist. (Ft)
Time (Mins)
Chart Symbols Process Description
>40 >10

Purchasing Food

Menu Pricing

<50 >10

Storing Food


0 <1

Welcoming Customers

Seating Customers

- <10

Menu Analysis
Taking Orders

Processing Orders

- <50

Cooking Food

- <10

Food Packaging

Serving Foods

- >2

Creating Bill
>5 >2

Serving Bill
- >1 Payment Process

- >1

Payment Verification

- <2

Payment Approval

Thanks Giving

Taking Feedback
0 >4 Feedback Evaluation
8 8 2 - 2 TOTALS

Purchasing Food
The purchase of food is the initial process which every restaurant aims to manage in order to control the final profitability of the business. It is essential to have a solid costing system at this stage because the costs of foods fluctuate daily.
Their purchases depend on the market de...

... middle of paper ...

...mprove the customer persuasion in order to meet the number of customers targeted. It also helps in maintaining the existing potential customers. The first approach to the customer also determines what the customer spends in the restaurant.
The restaurants also need to improve in order taking process. In modern days, restaurants can improve the taking of orders by developing systems in online platforms, where a customer can order food or other services online, or even request delivery (Lindsay and Evans, 84).
Food packaging process should also be improved periodically in the way that a customer can admire and can afford to buy since customer’s taste on the product is also determined by its branding aspects.
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Works Cited
Lindsay, William, and James Evans. The Management and Control of Quality. 5th ed. Australia: South-Western, 2002. Print.

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