Operational Issues : Security Of Information Essay

Operational Issues : Security Of Information Essay

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Operational issues
Security of information
Businesses would have a room where they store their data which they would need to protect as it would be very important for the business to securely hold. This would be important as the business would need to make sure that the details that they hold of the customers is secure as it could get misused and then the business would be the ones that caused this. The business may start to lose customers and sales as their reputation would be affected. This is important because of the Data Protection Act. All personal information of students must be protected by the school. If this was to go wrong such as hacking, they would have access to addresses of students and information of parents. Also the documents that contain personal information may be misplaced so people that get hold of this would use this for the wrong use such as identity theft. Example of this would be, Moseley park as they would have personal information of the students and they would have a rooms where this is stored, so to protect this when the teachers want to access the documents they store it in a locked room and only the staff would have the key to the door. There would be cameras around the room so they can monitor to access the room. The business would be making sure that they have all of their data backed up so that when they lose something they are able to recover it. This is important because the business may lose data, or they may be affected by a virus so they would have a copy of the data. Also the computer’s hardware may have problems, so the computer might not be working so they wouldn’t have access to the documents. If this was to go wrong the school may lose their documents as the computer may stop working a...

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... they would still want to keep running the business and not have to not get the work down in that time period. Another example on how the school can keep operating would be, when the school doesn’t have power they would still be able to teach the lesson as the room would have a whiteboard, text books and lined paper so the teacher would be able to use this to teach the lesson. The impact of not follow this would meant that the business would have to stop working in that day, so they would have customers that are unhappy as they didn’t provide them the service which they wanted. The customers may have booked an appointment with the business and if the business doesn’t turn up it would look bad and would impact on the businesses name. if schools didn’t follow this students would be behind in lessons and this may impact on the grades which the students may achieve.

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