Operation Overload: Both a Win and a Loss Essay

Operation Overload: Both a Win and a Loss Essay

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As the sun was rising up over the Normandy coast at 5 a.m. on June 6, 1944, Canada was given a key role from the planners of the Allied forces to help free Europe from Germany’s invasion by invading Juno Beach. This was known as the greatest seaborne invasion in history; a great accomplishment for a great nation. The allied forces were dependent upon Canada’s successful invasion to continue fighting in Europe and establish a protected area for troops and supplies to land. Canada’s strong contributions to Operation Overload compared to other Allies had played an essential role in the success of the operation. Even though the allies did achieve victory, due to ineffectual commanders and poorly made decisions from executed commands and decisions many more allies were killed while prolonging Operation Overload.
In contrast to any other Allied division, Canada attained its objectives for D-Day Landings and had accomplished much with a force of fourteen thousand soldiers and taking into consideration the great line of defense at Juno Beach, This was an achievement to be proud of. “Their courage, determination and self-sacrifice were immediate reasons for the success in those critical hours”. Compared to any other Allied force, Canada’s 3rd Canadian division penetrated the farthest into France. Veteran Affairs Canada states that it was the persistent efforts of the 3rd Canadian Division, the city of Caen was at last in Allied hands. It was because of their persistence and determination that Canada was able to invade Occupied Europe to contribute to the victor y of the war. Without their persistent efforts, the victory of the war would seem out of reach. The 3rd Division refused to back down despite the hardships of the war, de...

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