Operation Management Of An Organization Essay

Operation Management Of An Organization Essay

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Assignment 1
Operation management in an organization
Operations are the key activities of an organization which are used for the production of goods/services. Services are tangible means these can’t be seen but you have the results i.e. these are consumed as they are produced. Products are intangible which can be seen e.g. vehicle, building etc. The operation management is concerned with the planning, organizing and controlling the process of production. The organization basically depends upon the three basic elements. The elements are marketing, finance, and operations. In the marketing the demand is raised for products/services. Then the operation management comes in form, in operations management the raw material/inputs transformed into production/outputs. Before the production takes place, the organization decides the expenditure such as pay bills, funding, payrolls etc and after that how much they are getting back as a profit.
In the organization operation manager plays an instrumental role in the functions of an organizations to achieve the strategy for production of goods and services. The managers make an effective and efficient plan and strategy that ensures the company will reach at the peak of the success. The operation manager works with the other departments such as human resource department, financial department for finance and the accounting department for successful strategy. In an organization, the manager is not only a team leader, he/she is also a good planner, organizer, a solution to solve the problem, and a decision maker etc. the manager have social and legal responsibility and expected as a inspirable source.
The marketing strategy is an essential part of the organization. The marketing helps the opera...

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...workers in China as compared to the USA and procurement of material are also cheap, so the margin of profit is huge. iPhone for example manufactured in USA might cost $8500 if we calculate the minimum wage structure established in the USA. Hence we get a cost effective phone for $1000. In this modern era, there is a cut throat competition in the companies. Every company wants to provide best services to fetch more money. So the plans and strategies should be made according to market interest.
In conclusion, As we discuss above, it is crystal clear that the valuable plans and strategies always lead to get high range profit for the organization. It is an incontrovertible true that operation managers role is challengeable in an organization as he/she makes plan to enhance the profit so that they can get the name and fame of his/her organization in the business world.

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