Essay on Operation Management for Domino´s Pizza

Essay on Operation Management for Domino´s Pizza

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Domino’s Pizza is one of the world leaders in pizza delivery. It establishes in 1960 in the United States and operating with company-owned and franchise owned stores in International markets (Dominobiz, 2013). In this essay we will look through the operation management of Domino’s Pizza which in the core operation. Then, I will analyse the 4V model of attribute of demand for the service, the performance objective of the organisation, provide input-transformation-output diagram and supply network of the organisation. Lastly, provide improvement suggestion for Domino’s Pizza core operation.
Core and The Boundary of Operation
Domino’s Pizza is operated internationally through a network of 10,255 company-owned and franchise stores, located in all 50 states and more than 70 international markets (Domino’s Pizza Annual Report 2012). There are three business segments which is domestic stores, domestic supply chain and international. The core operation of this company is delivering pizza. Based on number of units and revenue, they rank second largest pizza company in the world. It carry tagline of ‘you got 30 minutes’ in December 2007 to deliver pizza in that time but it is late they will get free pizza or voucher. Free pizzas not apply to all country (Adamy, 2007).
On average, throughout the Domino’s system over1.5 million pizzas sold every day ad 15 million miles delivery every week (Domino’s Pizza Annual Report 2012). This is not a small number. Upon delivering the pizza, they will get the order from the customer through, internet, phone, or walk-in in to restaurant. Then the Domino’s staff will be record the order by using PULSE system, in the assembly like the staff will prepare the food according to the demand. Next, ...

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...ket they need to improve on the pizza quality.
Moreover, they need new technology to help to reduce time of delivery, for example the pizza made in the store but can be cook in vehicles while delivery thus the customer will receive fresh pizza from oven as well as reduce delivery time. In addition, this is because the driver then to drive fast and broke the rules lead to accident. Hence, they need to improve on the diver safety and regulation, in order to make sure the company reputation is good so, that law suit case is not charge on them. If this happens it will cause a big loss.
Furthermore, Domino’s Pizza needs to improve on the 30 minute guarantee to make the delivery more efficient and dependable. When the customer place an order, the system can track the distance and tell them how long exactly the time take to arrive. This makes the promise more realistic.

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