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Operation FEMA Camps Essay

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Operation FEMA Camps
On October 1, 2013 Obama had signed a law passing the Obama Care to help people with healthcare, but in fact forced the government to shut down and eliminate food share to help pay for the Obama care. Due to the fact that many people rely on the government’s food share to help them survive, thousands of people were declined from Obama care and therefore had no healthcare and no food to help them survive. The Government shutdown is the beginning of Homeland security’s “ENDGAME” plan of taking away citizens’ rights and starting the martial law to have the military take over and place citizens into FEMA centers.
On January 30, 1933, “Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party, was named chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg after the Nazi party won a significant percentage of the vote in the elections of 1932. By the spring of 1942, the Nazis had established six killing centers (death camps) in Poland”. At the entrance of each concentration camp, there where railroad tracks to transport people in mass numbers in a private way. Jessie ventures banned episode that was leaked onto YouTube a year ago, Jessie goes to visit the residential centers that homeland security has built in case of an emergencies. In each of the FEMA centers Jesse had found that there were railroad tracks in front of the entrances and that they were all secluded in a private area with nothing around the centers. The FEMA Centers are set up just like Adolf Hitler “Death Camps” in Poland. People often say that history repeats itself, after learning about the holocaust and the hidden concentration “Death” camps with railroad at the entrances; I have come to realize that history really is repeatin...

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... people were given a choice, FEMA Camps or jail”. In the article it also talks about the FEMA centers not existing according to the news and media. “Staffing 240 bed, 24 hour, and razor wire topped FEMA camp that was supposed to be used in case of a disaster according to FEMA. Remember, these areas do not exist according to the news media” The media and news are all in partners with Homeland Security; this is how homeland security tracks our every movement.

Martial law is an extreme and rare measure used to control society during war or periods of civil unrest or chaos; Martial law will kick in; the military will swoop in and take anyone who disagrees with the government. If enough of the citizens speak out to this second Holocaust, we can help prevent all of this from happing and help save the citizens who are going to be imprisoned before martial law kicks in.

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