Essay on Opening up the Skies: Drono Technology

Essay on Opening up the Skies: Drono Technology

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A large component which Singer emphasizes is the fear which society holds whenever a new technological advancement is introduced. Singer states that the technology will force the population to question the safety of the people, which requires the government to take on more responsibilities to accommodate this fear. Recent advancements in technology, such as GPS, have made drones more usable, introducing the worries of public safety and government accommodation to the United States (“The Predator”). The increase in unmanned machines can be seen in multiple instances, such as in the Afghan war like previously stated. According to Singer, “Another example of how far the change has gone is that last year, the U.S. Air Force trained more unmanned systems operators than fighter and bomber pilots combined” (par 9). Specifically this past year, the headlines are becoming increasingly bombarded with the recent advancements of drone technology (“Military Robotics”), which represents the civilian appeal to opening up the drone market. Along with a brief background of United States drone use, Singer also addresses the economic potential if drones were to become permitted to civilian population. This introduces the first benefit of domestic drone implementation, which is that the drone market will bring high profits to the United States, increasing the economy.
While from this point drone use has been primarily implemented by governments throughout the world, now civilian companies are interested in adapting the technology for their own use. Ff civilian application were to become a reality, the national airspace would need to become available. However, according to Singer, there is already a deadline, for September 15, 2015, in place by Congr...

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