Essay on The Opening Scene Of Blade Runner

Essay on The Opening Scene Of Blade Runner

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The opening scene of Blade Runner and the scene of L.A. are both shot very well. The opening scene settles the viewer into the film by creating the mood and theme of a dystopian world. The first scene also explains what has happened before the time period that the movie takes place in so the audience knows what is going on. The L.A. scene expands on the first scene’s exposition by using subtle elements to explain what is currently going on in the city. The opening scene and L.A. scene both convey certain themes with the type of music they use and the images they present.
The music in the first scene is very ominous in the beginning when the words on the screen are explaining what had happened with the Nexus 6 androids. The music is very sinister, going with the subject of the Nexus 6 robots rebelling and the Blade Runners trying to “retire” them. Suddenly the music shifts into one that, while still a bit menacing, has a futuristic sound produced with a synthesizer. The images have also switched to a futuristic L.A., with many city lights, billowing smokestacks, and fire spewing out ...

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