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Opening a Beauty Salon Essays

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According to Modern Salon/Vance Publishing, total salon industry revenue is predicted to be $42 billion in 2016. How is it possible for a service sector like the beauty industry to continue to grow, given the state of the economy? No doubt because many of the services offered by salons simply cannot be duplicated at home--or at least not duplicated well. In addition, in an age where people freely shell out $59.95 a month for cellular service or hundreds of dollars to lease the latest car model with the most bells and whistles, the price of a haircut probably doesn't seem very high considering the lift it can give your spirits. Also, the baby boomers, who now constitute the largest population segment in America, are more than willing and are financially able to spend money on any personal care service they perceive will make them look younger and more attractive.
The following is a list of the business licenses, permits and registrations required for Jacksonville, OR and Beauty Salons according to the U.S. Business administration (U.S. & Administration, 2014).
• Tax Registration
• Business Licenses
• Local Permits
• Incorporation Filing
• Doing Business As
• Employer Requirements
• Withholding Taxes
• I-9 Form
• New Hire Reporting
• Insurance Requirements
• Workplace Posters

Supply and Distribution
Hair care products needed for the salon and for retail sale can be bought directly from the company of the salons choice. Redken received the 2013 American Salon Professional’s Choice Award for best shampoo and is made of all natural ingredients. All Redken products can be purchased upon registration with Redken (NYC, 2014).
Pureology Serious Color Care products can be purchased in salons or from the distri...

... middle of paper ...

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