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Open The Lines Of Communication Essay

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To open the lines of communication I provided my mobile number and email with instructions to contact me whenever she needed assistance. To further expand on the communication, I sat down with the Learning Center director and discussed her weekly activities. The main focus was to see how she worked and determine what activities or actions needed our interaction. The Learning Center director weekly activities are as follows:

1. She creates the schedule for the staff.
2. She creates the weekly curriculum.
3. Welcomes the clients as they arrive and talks with the parents about any issues or special requirement the client may require for the day/week.
4. She accepts the weekly payments and logs them on a deposit worksheet.
5. She makes the weekly deposit and emails a copy of the deposit sheet and bank deposit receipt to the administrator.
6. She handles any incident or accident reports.
7. She normally purchases supplies and snacks, but the old administrator would sometimes take over this role.
8. She handles the low level staff issues and refers larger issues to the administrator or board of directors.

The weekly interaction would be based on any issues she did not feel comfortable handling, weekly deposit reports, weekly updates on staff or client issues and to provide payroll information. As Etzioni (1999) mentions, “[a] good society, for instance, fosters trust among its members…” I wanted to build a level of trust with the director that would then flow to the other staff members and parents. To help foster this trust, we decided to touch base at least once a week to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks and that we were on the same page.

There was only one change that was made to her duties after the meeting. Sin...

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...the facilities in the area and then crossed off the ones that operate out of homes. There were only four facilities that remained on the list. I identified the price list for service at the remaining facilities by either checking their website or calling them. I found that DCC Learning Center offered much lower pricing than anyone in the area. In one case, we were $30 a week lower for every category of service.

While I was checking the other facilities’ website out for pricing, I checked out to see how they laid out their policies and handbook. I wanted to see if our policies and handbook met the standard set by the other facilities. I found our policies and handbook compared very well with the other facilities. After the review of the pricing, policies and handbook from other facilities, I requested a meeting with the board to discuss changing our pricing.

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