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1. Introduction

This research project will explain in a clear manor what Open Source Development (OSD) is, the history and objectives of OSD, and how it is applicable to both home users and businesses. This project will also show the companies which use and develop Open Source and why Open Source is so important not only to businesses and people at home, but to us as computer scientists and how it will lead us further, farther, and deeper into technological advances in the software industry enabling us to grow and build a better future for computers and Development.

2. Management Summary
This project provides an analysis of the current profitability and advantages of using Open Source Development in the business field as well as home use.
The method of which these different software products were analysed were the history behind the products, how they were developed and how they are shown to flourish in their respective fields as opposed to closed Source products.
The results of this can be shown in the use of the software in the current business fields where we can see that the software not only provides a viable alternative to their market competitors but it also shows that even in some fields that these products are the market leaders themselves.
In this project you will find that using Open Source is an incredibly powerful reSource as these software projects are usually backed by large communities of people who are always trying to improve, fix and provide a constant ongoing technical support for these products.
The recommendations you will find in this project include:
• Using Linux based Servers.
• Cheaper alternative desktop mailing software
• Using the osCommerce systems to help manage online shopping

... middle of paper ...

...d David Diamond (2001) Just for Fun: The story of an accidental revolutionary. HarperBusiness

8.2 Website Resources

History of the Mozilla Project 2014. Available from: [23 April 2014]

About the Apache HTTP Server Project – The Apache HTTP Server Project 2014. Available from: [23 April 2014]

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8.3 Press Releases
Page One PR, (2007). New Linux Foundation Launches – Merger of Open Source Development Labs and Free Standards Group.

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