Open Source Database Management Systems

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A number of recent studies have revealed that most enterprise customers nowadays prefer open source databases over commercial databases. Based on their requirements, the enterprises also have option to choose from a number of open source relational database management systems (RDBMS) including MySQL, MangoDB, Cassandra, Redis and PostgreSQL. But the usage statistics posted on various websites indicate that MySQL is more popular than other open-source and proprietary relational database management systems. Despite being an open source relational database management system, MySQL is currently owned by Oracle Corporation. The enterprise customers also have options to use several paid editions of MySQL to avail additional features and functionality. Why Many Enterprise Customers Prefer MySQL to Other Databases? Easy to Use Many users find it easier to install, implement and use MySQL than other RDBMS. The developers can easily install MySQL without dealing with complex configurations. At the same time, they can use a number of third-party tools to implement the database according to their requirements. Each programmer familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL) can further use the database without any hassle. Reduces Project Overheads As noted earlier, Oracle Corporation currently owns MySQL. But the company has not converted the software licensed. Now MySQL includes both open-source and closed-source modules. Each business can further use the database for both commercial and non-commercial purpose. But it has to pay certain fees to use the RDBMS for non-commercial purposes. Runs on Major Operating Systems MySQL currently supports several widely used operating systems including Windows, Linux and UNIX. So it can be used by d... ... middle of paper ... ...tions for MySQL. They can use MySQL as an open source RDBMS under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Likewise, they can also obtain a commercial license from Oracle Corporation by paying the required fees. At the same time, the enterprises also have option to use Drizzle, MariaDB, Percona Server with XtraDB, and other offshoots of the popular RDBMS. Many analysts feel that the popularity of MySQL is being affected by certain stability issues, poor performance scaling, overdependence of applications and add-ons, and partial SQL-compatibility. Many users even do not consider MySQL an open source relational database management system, as it is currently owned by Oracle Corporation, and has several closed-source modules. Also, the software is no longer community driven, and it lacks the support of a robust community. Article Source:
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