Open Closed Adoptions And A Brief Look At Some Causes And Their Effects Essay

Open Closed Adoptions And A Brief Look At Some Causes And Their Effects Essay

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Adoption and a Brief Look at Some Causes and Their Effects.
For many Americans the ability to have children is halted by medical conditions from either the husband or wife, or some women just do not want to bear a child of their own. There are many options available to these people. Some are very costly and may produce no results or over produce results ending with 7 fetuses in one womb. One of the best options is adoption. There are thousands of children in need of a home in the country and around the world. With that adoption comes much joy and in some cases much frustration. In this essay we will take a brief look at open verses closed adoptions and the effects of each.

The decision to adopt.
First let us look at why a person or persons would choose to adopt a child. There are many reasons to adopt a child. The desire to have a family or add to an already existing one. It is not medically possible for one or more people in a relationship to produce a child on their own. A woman may not want to use her body to have a child. They may simply not have enough expendable cash for a medical option like in vitro fertilization. Whatever their reasons may be to adopt, they did not come to that decision lightly. With so much that could go wrong they have now placed all their hopes at the hands of other people, who really do not care if they get that child or not.
Open verses Closed Adoption
When we adopt a child that adoption can be open or closed. The difference is in an open adoption the biological parent’s information is shared with the new parents and so in turn can be shared with the child. In a closed adoption that information is sealed so the new parents and the child may never know who the biological parents were. Open ...

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...cepted what has happened and what information they may never know. They realize their adoptive parents are in fact their real parents and they move forward. They were lucky and were given a chance that many children do not get. They did not grow up in the foster system bouncing from home to home with people who for the most part do not care about them. Instead they got a real family, solid support, and love. Both the adoptive parents and the child can look back and they might not know where the green eyes came from but they know why they like to fish. Or they might now their biological parents and be able to finally understand as a young adult or adult why they were given up for adoption and be able to come to terms with that. In all adoption is a wonderful thing, something that should be given great thought before doing, but still a wonderful thing for all involved.

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