The Only Policy Enacted By James Monroe Doctrine Essays

The Only Policy Enacted By James Monroe Doctrine Essays

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The only policy enacted by James Monroe in 1823 is referred to as the Monroe Doctrine and serves as a symbol of early American nationalism. In Document A, the Monroe Doctrine is being demonstrated by an invisible border that separates the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern Hemisphere and a stop sign place on the Western side. The European region states , “What do you mean off-limits?”, which shows how they did not approve of the doctrine that keeps them from obstructing the expansion of the U.S. on its Western side. In Document B, two flower pots are illustrating nationalism. One flower pot is smiling while stating , ”Wow! I’m so glad I was born in this pot and not that pot!”, albeit the other bears a mediocre look. Taking this into account, the Monroe Doctrine had a large impact on the spike in patriotism, also known as nationalism, in America.
Document C (the Monroe Doctrine) states, “It is impossible that the allied powers should extend their political system to any portion of either continent, without endangering our peace and happiness…” . At this early point of the United Sta...

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