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We have come full circle in forms of communication. From “cave man” grunts, body and hand gestures, and pictographic wall paintings, to “cubicle man” lols (laugh-out-loud), ttyls (talk-to-you-later), and smiley face emoticons, we are regressing to an earlier form of interactions. The expressive and communicative richness of writing is slowly becoming the archeological relics of an electronic modern society. I am no stranger to this failing. I started high school with a loose grasp of the tools of writing; I left high school with a, slightly, better grasp of those tools. Now, as my high school years fall farther behind me, and the academic language of writing erodes, the loose grasp of writing skills I had is becoming far looser. My writing has been reduced to emails, phone text messages, and social media sites. I write to catch up with people, or keep them abreast of how I am doing. I write, but on a base and vulgar level. I write online for my own self-absorbed interests. As I am going back to school, I find this computer/phone chatter not the kind of writing I can use in a college setting. Grammatically correct writing is essential, but the coarse text-speak is a necessary evil.
My social media of choice is Facebook, as is most people’s. I keep loose ties to family, friends, past and present co-workers, and acquaintances, that without Facebook would be lost in the crowd. I give an obligatory “Happy b-day” when Facebook notifies me to do so. I share posts of websites that slightly amuse me, and exaggerate “too funny”, with no punctuation. Much text based communication is exaggerated, because there is not much in the way of emotion with this medium. Email is a slightly better use of my writing skill. I mainly use email for busi...

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...ersonal short-hand is unintelligible. The short, direct, and truncated form of contact is appropriate at times: need broccoli, running late, or got the job, but a full thought must come through. As in essay writing, use precise words to convey the most information with the fewest words. This modern development of communication cannot be stopped, even if it is a negative regression. Both the digital and formal writing styles will need to be incorporated into this modern society. Everyone should know how to write to effectively communicate, but knowing the rules of grammar will help you know how to effectively converse in text shorthand. You will know what can be omitted and what should not be omitted for clear communication. This new form of communication will have a future, albeit a less expressive one, but this does not preclude the necessity for formal English.

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