Online Vs. Traditional Classrooms Essay

Online Vs. Traditional Classrooms Essay

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Online vs Traditional Classrooms
These days college is a universal must to any young adult’s education. When considering everything, it is easier now more than ever to get a decent respectable education. There are two types of educations available to the masses traditional and online. This essay will compare and contrast some of the pro’s and con’s to these two different types of schooling. Online courses can be more cost effective, flexible, and offer more variety. Traditional face to face schooling can be considered more hands on, more respected, and can offer more helpful relationships with fellow students.

In comparing these two forms of the college experience the highlights for both options needs to be considered. The first aspect of traditional classrooms is that they are more hands on in the way they are taught. In a traditional classroom there, is a teacher to relate to if there is something confusing there, is a trusted person to ask. It makes the learning more personal and more comprehensible. The second aspect to consider of traditional classrooms is the entire process a student goes through to earn a degree from the traditional process is more respected. When pursuing a career, to have a degree period may be a necessity but, it is more respected when a student has put in the work to go to each class every day, to get good grades and to literally change their life to revolve around the pursuit of an education. The last benefit of a traditional classroom is the availability of having a relationship with fellow students that have similar interest as each other. When in a classroom setting, it becomes much easier to get to know fellow classmates. This opens up the option of study groups that can be very helpful...

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...egree they hope to attain every option needs to be explored. This essay is simply reviewing a few of the highlights for online and traditional classrooms as well as their similarities. At the end of the day it all depends on the students’ needs. If the student needs a classroom where the instructor is hands on, the degree is respected everywhere, and there is an easy access to like-minded peers? The correct choice for them would definitely have to be a traditional classroom. However, if the student wants an unlimited access to a variety of class’s, a flexible amount of time between class’s, and a lower tuition cost? The correct choice would be a relaxed online classroom. The great thing about either one of these options is that both will always require proper time management, the same textbooks, and the same amount of homework. In that sense some things never change.

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