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Online Vs Traditional Classes Essays

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Online Vs Traditional Classes
In today’s Era, students now have the advantage of choosing to attend a College University or achieve their degree through college online courses. However, some major concerns associated with this major life decision, beginning with the difference in the learning styles. Even though most people would consider taking an online course because it’s flexible to your schedule and students would have additional time to complete the assignment that their giving, other than in traditional classes. To furthering a student’s education, teachers all come together in a classroom with multiple students to learn at a specific time and place. The courses the students are experiencing the teacher comes up with. Going to classes there are rules that students need to abide by. The type of instruction at a traditional school mostly teacher driven. The instructor knowledge in their lectures can have an effect on people to help them learn a lot better than in an online class. The presentation styles that teachers give are very successful in a traditional classroom. When students go to class, some teachers try to make learning fun, and give rewards to keep students coming back for more. Having to do school work online gives students the chance to do their assignments at any time or place, whatever is convenient to their schedule. The schooling online is private, and the type of instruction given a student’s driven. The student basically has to be sure that all their assignments are turned in on time, and read the materials the instructor provides. In my own personal experiences with online classes, I have found out that they are neither difficult, nor easier that traditional classes. The materials covered in online classe...

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...led on the answer questions will enjoy the time to reflect on their responses offered be online classes. For many students, social interactions are a key aspect of the college experience. If you are planning to meet new people and expand your social and professional network, it’s important to take at least a few classes on campus. The reason you’re in class is to learn and develop new skills. From my personal experience it was very difficult without direct face to face input of an instructor. If you don’t learn well from reading out of a book or written material, then an online courses will be very difficult for you because online courses is based off of written material, and reading from a text book. The best way to learn for me is taken traditional classes because you can actually get the full effect of learning, so I suggest to others to take a traditional class.

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