Online vs In-Person Reference Essay

Online vs In-Person Reference Essay

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I. The Question
The question that was posed to both the Ankeny Public Library and Ohio’s Know It Know online reference service was “I am looking for information about the weather in Daytona, Florida.”
II. The Services
This question was first posed both Ohio’s Know It Now online reference service on Monday, January 27th around 6:30 pm cst. The question was then asked in person at the reference desk at the Ankeny Public Library on Thursday, January 30th around 6:00 pm cst.
III. The Expectations
When I initially posed the question to both the Know It Now service and to the Ankeny Public library I was interested in information about the monthly temperature averages, precipitation averages, hurricane season, etc. During my reference interaction with the Know It Now reference service my expectations stayed consistent with my initial expectations throughout the transaction. When I visited the Ankeny Public Library my expectations did change after posing my question to the reference librarian due to the information that was provided to me.
IV. The Comparison
Know It Now – Online Reference Service
First discussed will be my interaction with Know It Now online reference service. When I posed the question about the weather in Daytona, I was looking for information about year round weather. When the librarian, Patricia, joined the conversation and after reading the question that was asked, immediately stated that she was happy to help. She then asked if there was specific information about the weather that I was looking for. I advised her I was looking for information about temperatures, hurricanes, etc. I was then instructed that it may take a few minutes for her to locate the resources. The first source that I was provided was a link t...

... middle of paper ...

...walked up to the checkout desk, the librarian did not acknowledge me and continued to type away on the computer. After approximately 90 seconds, did she acknowledge my presence and help with the checkout process. While I do enjoy this library and their setup for studying, however I am disappointed in both the reference desk and the checkout desk.

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