Essay on Online Training Programs

Essay on Online Training Programs

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With so much technology at hand in today's society, it's inevitable for changes to happen within training programs. Although some companies have stuck with the "tried and true" programs, such as the classroom discussion/lecture programs, many companies are trying to find new ways to help their employees obtain the knowledge and skills needed for their particular job. For a company to stay successful, they will have to constantly comply with the new trends in training while also staying true to their mission and/or objectives. While online training programs are not necessarily new to the market, they are finally making their way to the top of the learning pole. For many companies, short, informal training sessions are needed several times of the year, and, in this case, online training programs have made it easier for companies to allow their employees to train at their own pace, at a much cheaper cost. Bersin and Associates stated in a recent study that out of 2,000 managers, 60% used some form of online training (Wallace, 2007).
Online training programs are normally installed on a computer or provided through a network; many businesses prefer to implement their program through a closed network, which secures the information from falling into the wrong hands. In other words, their business stays their business. These types of programs also have advantages when it comes to taking tests, quizzes, or showing videos and animations. By allowing the trainee to start and stop throughout the program when needed, he or she can make sure they understand one part of the program before moving on to the next; if they need to revisit a section of the program, normally the online programs will allow them to do that.
Masha Zager states th...

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