Online Social Networks : The Current Knowledge Of Advertising Essay

Online Social Networks : The Current Knowledge Of Advertising Essay

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Online social networks have challenged the current knowledge of advertising effectiveness. Online social networks provide an exciting environment for researchers and a promising interactive advertising channel for marketers (Trusov, Bucklin, and Pauwels, 2009). Advanced models, including those that measure the effect of long-term advertising, have offered some insight into how digital advertising works (Breuer and Brettel, 2012). Little is known, however, about what drives advertising success in online social networks. On Facebook, a user’s click on “Like” is a strong long-term sales driver due to high carryover effects. Visits to a company’s Facebook page are strong short-term sales drivers. “Likes” and contributions to a Facebook page create substantial, positive synergy effects. “Stream” (news feed) impressions have a significantly negative sales impact. Further research is needed to improve the understanding of targeted advertising for different customer groups, for various products sold, and to include other online and offline channel as part of an integrated marketing campaign.
The current researchers considered four antecedents to their Hypotheses Development, which is the company’s performance, in other words, the company’s sales (Fisher, 2009). The first one is “stream” (news feed) impressions are advertising input within social media channels like Facebook. “Stream” impressions are generated by a company or its followers within the network. A subscriber to the group automatically can see them on the main profile page after logging in. These impressions usually show plain text and sometimes a small picture. The second antecedent to their Hypotheses Development is page views. Visits to a group’s main page, which often c...

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... limited experience of marketing in general. Many buyers would find it hard to question the quality, experience, and vendors of service providers because the concepts and measures are new and difficult. In fact, after the release of Neuro 1, many potential buyers may have concluded that neuro measures were not yet ready for use, "despite the fact that this project was clearly designed to provide information that would help apply neuroscience and biological methods to marketing communication issues more effectively" (Stipp and Woodard, 2011, p. 10). In the current study, the authors investigated how a buyer can compare the validity and reliability of different vendors ' approaches despite the current lack of transparency around vendors ' proprietary methods. The results led to new recommendations for both buyers and vendors of these measures and for future research.

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