Online Social Networking And Its Impact On Society Essay

Online Social Networking And Its Impact On Society Essay

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One of the driving trends in media today is online social networking. Prior to this trend people would network, make friends, plan events, and share their nearest and dearest over lunch or coffee. Online social networking has provided a convenient, yet sometimes-impersonal way to stay linked or become linked to people, organizations, and even causes that matter most to the individual.
MySpace was the first glimpse of social networking, being a site that had a big emphasis on music, but still allowed the interaction between people. Founded in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, MySpace was the largest social networking site and gained a lot of recognition and revenue. By 2009, MySpace began to see a decline in the number of visitors based on the Alexa rankings, quickly being overshadowed by Facebook (Bagley). According to Bagley, the Myspace didn’t offer as much as Facebook. “All Myspace offered was user to user interaction through wall posts and friend requests” (Bagley), suggesting that the lack of variety contributed to the decline when compared to the newest social destination Facebook.
Facebook, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates while students at Harvard started as a hobby (Newwwyyy). As the site grew exponentially in demand and numbers, the group quickly realized the potential for a business. Facebook quickly became the go-to site for young adults and changed the way they communicate, and multitask their lives. Like individuals, major television networks, and other major organizations have come to rely on online social networking sites to share and obtain information using sites like Twitter, and Facebook. Corporations also use social media as a way to promote a product and gain insight about the...

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...ething more interactive.
All of the Online Social Networking sites that are being utilized today have taken a position to isolate themselves enough to stay relevant, but also enough to offer something no other site does. It is amazing to see these companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that are experienced companies continuing to thrive and provide a service that most people cannot ignore. The future of online social networking is going to continue to evolve, it may be another social networking company in the making right now that can provide many of the same services in a more convenient manner. After all convenience is what makes these sites so desirable. Being able to have an employer look for you, or send a simple tweet with your opinion on the latest breaking news, or post pictures from your recent vacation are reasons social networking is here to stay.

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