Online Shopping Vs. Modern Society Essay

Online Shopping Vs. Modern Society Essay

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Shopping has been around for thousands of years in different formats. At first it started out as the barter system, which allowed two parties to exchange goods and services amongst one another to suit their individual needs. As time went on money was created to give a form of fair exchange for a product as well as being able to price different products. With the use of money and the evolution of needs in society shops and malls began to form as a way to have most conveniences and needs in one place. However, in modern society shopping has been taken to another level with the introduction of online shopping. Now there are two main ways of shopping in society, the traditional method of going to a store or mall and buying something or to shop for it online. Each comes with its own differences, similarities, strengths and weaknesses, which have to be taken into consideration before comparing each other.
Traditional shopping has served society for many years and has continued to be one of the main ways to shop for items, by offering unique services and experiences. Traditional shopping serves the purpose of having multiple things in one place, so you do not have to go looking too far for certain products. This happens in superstores, department stores, malls and many other shopping locations. When shopping for products in the stores there are usually people there to help and interact with you to help you better understand the product. This is helpful because you get more than one opinion on the product and even get information on it, such as specifics, uses, and different models. In addition you also get a firsthand look at the product and may even get to test try it and experience what it does first hand, which influences what you bu...

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...nd other shopping outlets have things like demonstrations, reviews and ratings, whereas traditional shopping offer a more personal interactive experience by actually letting the customer wear, touch, feel and experience the product first hand, unlike online shopping which is solely secondhand. However, Online shopping does allow for multiple products to be bought simultaneously and sent directly to you as opposed to traditional shopping that forces you to go to the store to find and purchase an item. Both forms of shopping allow for purchase of items but the way that you revise it differs completely. For online purchases you have to wait until the product is shipped to your destination and depending on the location, may take longer than desired. On the other hand if you shop in a store of any kind once you buy the product it is yours and is completely tangible to you.

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