Essay on Online Shopping Is A Common And Important Part Of Human Life

Essay on Online Shopping Is A Common And Important Part Of Human Life

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Nowadays, online shopping becomes a common and important part in human life, and it has brought so many conveniences. It is fresh thing for human because it is created In recent century, but it develops very fast. More and more people are using it for shopping on the most of time even though old generation. This research paper will be going to research on when and what was the first online shop? What are the benefits of online market? What are the negatives on online shopping? And how does online shopping hope to develop in the future? Because those questions are interesting and exciting to research for.
Online shopping refers to a business entity that allows customers to purchase either goods or services directly from the internet with the help of a web browser. An online shop is a representation of the shops at the shopping center whereby the customer buys services and goods only that there is no physical meeting between the retailer and the consumer.
Online shopping was invented by an English entrepreneur known as Michael Aldrich in 1979. His online transactions consisted of a modified domestic television set that was connected to a real-time transaction processing computer with a home telephone line. According to him videotext that was the modified technology of the domestic television; with a simple human driven menu was a universally acceptable communication medium. The system enabled the information of corporate to be available to outsiders for correspondence and also for messaging and information dissemination and retrieval that later came to be known as electronic commerce. He defined this new form of communication as interactive, unlike the earlier systems that set them as mass...

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...etailing shops. Customers are currently following the online retailers of their choice and this can give them access to discounts or tip them on the available deals. Retailers can also invest in the daily deals and flash sell. Many retailers that have tried this trend have found that a very large number of items can be sold just within minutes of sending out an email to customers about the availability of a new product. (Jayson) Online shopping has also seen the increase multifold of international sells and this trend is likely to increase. This is because with the growth of online shopping shipping has been made faster and more affordable. It is inevitable that as the online shopping grows it will become easier to compare the prices of the different items and that most online retailers will be forced to create better physical experiences with their customers. (Laura)

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