Online Shopping At The Mall Essay

Online Shopping At The Mall Essay

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Shopping had always been people’s necessity. A few centuries ago, people had to go out on the street or market to purchase goods or food with cash in person as consumers and sellers, but where have all the shoppers gone lately? Because of great improvements in technology, online shopping has arisen. Instead of going to the mall or stores and taking hours to look for what is on the shopping list, online shopping became accessible in the recent generation. In 1979, online shopping was invented by Michael Aldrich who was inspired to connecting a domestic television by telephone line to a real-time transaction that he called teleshopping ("Inventor 's Story."). Also, online shopping is another way for companies to sell their products to consumers, giving customers the ability to purchase products from their homes. There are definitely reasonable causes why business through online became closer to shoppers. Mainly, the Internet helped in the convenience, easier electronic advertisements, and no physical activity requirements for the shoppers have made online shopping popular.
From the customer’s perspective, there is no other reason why they should not use the Internet to shop. Has your mother ever told you she is going grocery shopping and will be back soon, then always takes longer than two hours with a cart full of bags of food that was never on the shopping list? That is because they got caught in store’s marketing strategy. For example, in the front of the stores like Walmart, or Meijer, they display fruits and vegetables so people could walk by and feel fresh and be able to shop longer, or perhaps make them desirable to buy some of it. However, there are no distractions like this on Internet shopping mall. There may be some adve...

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...urchasing goods, and some other part of people will never stop selling their products. Online shopping will always be a great tool for the faster and easier retail and shop rotation and as internet the and mobile system is still developing and perhaps in the future there might be even greater technology that people in these days cannot even imagine. Pretend the statistic is accurate; the most average Americans are saving 39 percent of time, 36 percent of money, 27percent of gas by driving, and get 15 percent more food from online shopping (A Hartman Group). Although there might risks of no guarantee of consumers’ privacy, online shopping users are increasing every day. This may impact on actual physical stores business, by not appearing to the stores to purchase goods, but also on the other side, online world will only going to get bigger for people’s conveniences.

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