Essay on Online Shopping And Its Impact On Our Society

Essay on Online Shopping And Its Impact On Our Society

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There have been many things that have transformed our society today; one of those being online shopping. Online shopping began in 1979 and was invented by a man named Michael Aldrich. Michael invented online shopping to enable online transactions between consumers and businesses. Although shopping in stores has been the number one way for Americans to shop all of these years, shopping online has made a big impact on our culture by making advertising sway consumers through marketing, lead us to copy others, cause impulsive behavior, and succumb our moods.
We are swayed by marketing. Marketing is very highly mentioned when it comes to consumer behavior. As Americans, we are all guilty of being persuaded by consumers through advertising and marketing daily. Anytime an individual chooses to shop online, they notice all of the advertising on display. Most of the time, those advertisements will get us to buy things we don’t need and get us off track of what we were going to buy in the first place. I know from experience that anytime I shop online, I always end up looking at things that are not needed, but because they have my attention and they attract me. I’ve had times where I will even forget to buy what I was shopping online for and buy something else. Often, we tend to buy things that are name-brand because of the name. For example, Nike; if someone had a choice between Nike and Wal-Mart, they would choose Nike just because of the name. Consumers make us think that Nike is this great brand, when in reality, they are just shoes and it shouldn’t matter if a pair of shoes came from Wal-Mart, or if a pair of shoes came from Finish Line. Consumers find plenty of ways to get in our heads so we lean towards buying something that is popu...

... middle of paper ... day of work, it reduces our ability to control what we do; our brain pretty much takes advantage of us. As humans, we don’t like change. The two types of forms that cause human resistance to change are habit and inertia. Habit is repeatedly doing something. Buying habits continue even someone proceeds to change their mind. Inertia is about inaction or laziness. For example, assuming you can’t change your choice, does someone really need an extra 15GB a month when they are only using 5GB extra?
Impulsive buying has led to our society becoming something that we are not. There is more debt in America today than there has ever been before. When Michael Aldrich invented online shopping, he didn’t think it would cause this much harm on America. To me, online shopping has done good and bad things for America, but overall, it has been a major success in today’s society.

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