Online Or Up Close And Personal? Essay

Online Or Up Close And Personal? Essay

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Online or Up Close and Personal?
Seeing people all around, listening to someone constantly talk and depending on the class you might not get personal assistance from the teacher. Traditional classes are nice to visualize things and possibly get as a more personal relationship with the instructor. Both online classes and traditional classes have pro’s and con’s, this can range from the way to learn, to the way to teach. You might like traditional classes but there are so many reasons why online classes are better from not only my own point of view.
Online classes are conquered on a computer. There is very little, if any, face to face connection. There may be tests, quizzes, papers, lectures, and discussions all through an online program of that schools choice. A traditional setting class can have a wide range of people per class depending on the school, and there are usually desks, pen, paper, and a teacher talking or interacting with you. The argument could be made that one is better than the other or easier than the other but those statements are not valid without facts and reasoning. Two scientists with great facts and reasoning are cognitive neuroscientist, Maryanne Wolf, and neurobiologist, Colin Blakemore has two very different opinions on the types of classes.
Some people believe that the traditional classroom setting is more effective than online classes. Maryanne Wolf is a strong believer of this. She thinks that there is a deep reading brain, when explaining what the deep reading brain is she stated, “The present reading brain 's circuitry is a masterpiece of connections linking the most basic perceptual areas to the most complex linguistic and cognitive functions, like critical analysis, inference and novel t...

... middle of paper ... classes because they are convenient, faster, and independent. Colin Blakemore had said that when we was in school he would learn from poetry and the Bible, he noted that it was a waste of his neurons because he can get the information in no time from the internet. Maryanne Wolf is a very wise woman who has scientifically proven facts, but what she thinks is going to happen in the future is only her opinion. The internet makes information more accessible and reliable if you research reliable sources and it is also convenient. Having the choice to take an online class or a traditional class was such an easy decision for me because of my busy routine and capability of discipline to be on time and teach myself. The internet is not harmful to us or our brains, and if some people really want that deep reading brain then they can keep reading from their traditional books.

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