Online Network Of Hong Kong Protest

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Introduction The past decade has seen the rapid development of political protest with the help of information communication technologies (ICTs), especially internet. Just as González-Bailón et al. (2011) explain, online network plays an increasing significant role in facilitating the establishment of social movements. And this change offers an excellent chance to examine online social network. This essay will assess the online discussion network of Hong Kong protest, using the methodology of social network analysis. As Ackland (2013) describes, in the view of the SNA (social network analysis), the world is consist of individual’s proceeds independently as the result of the social relations existing. This study incorporated two research questions using social network analysis and collecting data from archival records, in order to determine the online discussion network of Hong Kong protest. RQ1: how the information diffusion in the online discussion network; the purpose of RQ1 is trying to build a network of online discussion online about the event, and schedule the structure of relationships and figure out the influence of different users according to their own position. Moreover, the index includes the direction of links (who follows who or mutual links), those who stand alone without links, and the opinion leader (those have many followers and have important influence to others) RQ2: how the online discussion network influences the offline protest. RQ2 deals with the implications of the network structure during protest events. This essay consists of three parts. The first part deals with the review of previous studies. Second part will describe the methodology of social network analysis, with regard to the definition and... ... middle of paper ... ...context, social network analysis is hard to provide the causes of the phenomenon (Pryke, 2012). Because just the event environment and network phenomenon dimension alone is not enough to explain causes (Brinkkemper and Zonneveld, 2010) therefore, in the case of Hong Kong protest online discussion network analysis, it is understandable that the causes of this networking constructing does not come out by using this methodology. Moreover, according to Knoke and Yang (2007: 41), ‘social network studies are especially susceptible to missing data.’ Which means it is not difficult to fail to describe ties among alters because network studies are vulnerable to missing data. This is especially important to design the proper code and choosing the right software. However, it is impossible to make code work perfectly; therefore data missing to some extent is unavoidable.

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