Essay about Online Marketing: The Smart Way of Advertising on the Internet

Essay about Online Marketing: The Smart Way of Advertising on the Internet

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“The Marketing Accountability Imperative: Driving Superior Returns on Marketing Investments” written by Michael Dunn and Chris Halsall is about how the world today has become so advanced with all kinds of new innovative technology. Including the emerging middle class of other countries brings even more technology and a more competitive world. Because of this emerging middle class it increases the demand of your product to an uncontrollable extent, now not only should you advertise in the US but also in other emerging countries. Therefore the cost of advertising goes up a substantial amount, without those advertisements your company can almost be forgotten overnight. Where and what your company invests in is crucial to the marketing world. Knowing how to get information or products to people in a way where the consumer actually will acknowledge is crucial, most emails sent out by companies with regular updates will be deleted or spammed. Each email that gets sent will cost the company a small amount but each email wasted will add up and by the end of the year a million dollars could be wasted because of emails being deleted. This cost can be diverted through a few ways including only sending emails to customers that have recently viewed your site or people that are constantly on the site. Managing your expenses with online marketing is very important.
Joanna Lord brings up some very good ideas about where the future of marketing is going in her article “10 Online Marketing Predictions to Inform Your Strategy in 2014.” Her first couple tips all have to do with “Smart Objects” so she’s talking about smartphones, tablets, iPods and all kinds of Internet capable devices. “This sounds like jargon, I know. But, finally, paid and organic...

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...e Are Online, They Engage in Social Networking”

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