Online Learning Is Not As Good Essay

Online Learning Is Not As Good Essay

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Online learning is not as good as face-to-face learning
Face-to-face learning benefits the students greater than online learning. There are different types of online learning such as a class video chat with the teacher or learning through a computer. I have experienced learning through video chat in grade nine. I was in French immersion school and there was no grade 9 teacher, my class was taught by a teacher three hours away over video chat. This was not very easy and I would have preformed better in a face-to-face classroom. Online learning is difficult for many students and has many disadvantages compared to face-to-face learning, students do not learn as considerable as they would in a face-to-face classroom and prefer taking difficult classes face-to-face.
When learning online, asking questions and getting feedback is not the same compared to face-to-face learning. Face-to-face learning questions can be answered more in depth and specific, it gives the student a full understanding and answer. When online learning questions may be answered but the teacher’s explanation might be brief or the question may not be understood by the teacher. The answer can be brief and the student may still not understand. Getting feedback from assignment’s is difficult online because again, the teacher does not go as in depth; the student might be told the errors although the time may not be taken to show the student how errors are corrected.
As well as not having the same amount of feedback, online learning does not benefit all types of learners. People learn in many different ways such as: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. The student may be at a disadvantage depending on what type of learner they are and the class setting. Ac...

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...difficult” or “important” subjects face to face. To meet students’ needs, then, colleges need to either more explicitly build instructor presence and guidance into online courses or continue to provide ample face-to-face sections of courses for those students who prefer them.” This quote shows that the students know learning online will not give them the quality of teaching face-to-face learning can, if the students don’t want to take important courses online it shows they are not willing to risk the possibility of not learning in depth and not understanding.
Online learning can not display the same benefits as face-to-face learning. The physical connection between student and teacher can not be made online with today’s technology. In the future online learning may improve to match the needs of all students, and students may have the ability to learn online easier.

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