Online Learning and Traditional Classroom Instructions Essay

Online Learning and Traditional Classroom Instructions Essay

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Online learning is playing a greater role in higher learning institution in Singapore as many believed that it is not only convenient but also more effective than traditional classroom instructions. Advocates of online learning argued that it is both convenient and effective because the students can attend classes and courses whenever and wherever they want, which allows them to easily plan out a schedule that would work for them, to suit their own way of learning style.
However, proponents of traditional classroom instructions think otherwise. They explain that traditional classroom settings would allow students to be more involved, stay more interested, and understand more information. Students are able to ask questions and get immediate responses. They would also benefit in a classroom setting where other students can ask questions about something that they may have missed. In addition, a classroom instructions are more effective for students and teachers because the setting is typically ideal for concentrating and learning and materials are usually available to aid in the learning process. Last but not least, the teachers in the traditional classroom setting would be able to interactive more with the students and get to know them better to be able to conduct more effective and individualised lessons for them.
This paper concludes that online learning is not as convenient or effective as believed by many. Traditional classroom instructions would lead to more effectiveness and convenience than online learning. Local and international case studies are presented in this paper to support traditional classroom instructions.
A case study by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2001 examines the effectiveness of online learning...

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... classroom instructions are more effective than online learning. Online interaction can be used as a supplementary tool to enhance learning, especially for students who tend to be reserved in the classroom setting. In developing online courses, we should realize that some courses may be more challenging to students who persist in the online environment. Course developers of such courses need to carefully analyse what are the specific subjects that may hinder persistence and supplement instruction with face-to-face consulting, advising, or tutoring. Although an online class offers a comparably effective learning alternative, we should recognize that online learning has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

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