Online Homework : Traditional Vs Modern Essay

Online Homework : Traditional Vs Modern Essay

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Traditional vs Modern
Over the past few years technology has advanced and so has the way our instructors assigned our homework. But not everybody can keep up with the technology now in days. Online homework is beneficial because you have faster feedback, instructors have a little less student work to grade, and less paper is being used. But online homework can also be expensive, frustrating, distracting and there is a risk of us students falling behind in our school because not everyone can afford it or has internet access. That’s why I say teachers should consider giving more book homework rather online homework.
Online homework has taken over the traditional way we used to get our homework assignments. What I mean by online homework is that before our math teachers would assigned us homework and we would do it in a piece of paper and we had to show how we came up with our answers. Now some of my math teachers assigned us math homework online and we just fill in the answer. The teacher can see if we actually did our work or not.
This is why I say everything we do now has a computer involved. Even the books we use for our courses to complete our homework assignments are mostly on the computer now, and they are not cheap. Some of the courses in college required students to purchase a book plus an access code which is basically another book, but online and this is where we do our homework. For my last semester I had to buy an access code for my math class and it cost a hundred dollars, then I had to buy an access code for my Spanish class and it cost another hundred dollars. Plus does to classes also required me to buy a book separately which included the same information as ...

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...s should pay…). Yes, it is really complicated to understand that so many students don’t have the access to complete their online homework and their grade gets affected by it and they can’t do much about it.
Since we are using the internet all day to chat with our friends, or playing games as a past time, why not get a break from all the technology while doing our homework. In an article from Opposing Viewpoints: Should children do traditional homework by Katharine Birbalsingh, Richard Walker, Sue Thomson, and Jonathan Cannon stated that students should at least do one hour of homework (Should students do…). Traditional homework can help you distract yourself from all the technology for a while and can also help you review what you learned in class that day. Plus traditional homework is way cheaper and it helps you get a relief from all that internet used every day.

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