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The internet has brought us information, convenience and time. From paying bills online in seconds to finding out information in a flash and even earning a college degree; the internet has proven to be a powerful tool. With the good, usually a little bad comes along with it. The internet has offered us convenience for everyday life, but also acts as a platform for child predators to prey upon. In an article titled If Your Kids are Awake… from the New York Times, Lewin said, “The average young American now spends practically every waking minute — except for the time in school — using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation” . With those kinds of statistics it’s clear of the presence of young Americans on the internet. The question is, can we keep our children protected from predators on the internet, and should we? If so, in what ways and how should children be protected?

In the year 1984 the dot com era began. By the year 1992 communication between people on the internet was possible. Today the internet is dominated by social community websites and is often a source for predators to seek out unsuspecting young victims. Burst, FBI special agent in charge, Counterintelligence and Cyber Divisions said in an article titled The Predator Fear,
“We started keeping statistics in 1996, and we opened 113 cases that year. Through fiscal
year 2007, we've opened 20,200 and arrested almost 10,000 subjects for sexually exploiting children online. So it's a crime problem that has grown exponentially over the years and continues to grow every year. ...”
In my opinion I believe we should protect children and continue to protect as this problem is grow...

... middle of paper ...

...mmunication between child and parent needs to be strong so that the child is comfortable in speaking about an online incident should it occur. As technology continues to move forward and more areas and devices offer internet service, it’s important to manage the risk wisely. Openly speak to your children about the dangers that lurk online. Establish rules and guidelines that need to be followed while surfing the web. Most importantly talk to them about what they do on the internet. Take the famous quote by Louis Pasteur, who said ,” Chance favors the prepared mind”. Reduce your chance of a problem by being pro-active about safe usage of the internet.

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