Online Education Is Packed With Benefits Essay

Online Education Is Packed With Benefits Essay

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Online Education Is Packed with Benefits
Every year, more and more students are enrolling in college. Among those students who enroll, there are some fresh out of high school and may still be getting support from their parents. At the same time, there are students who have to work full-time jobs to support themselves and even pay for college. There are also adults that sign up for college that may already have a family with kids that also have to work a full time job to support their family and pay for college at the same time. As a mother, full time worker, and college student myself I know that taking face-to face classes really takes time away from my family and limits my time to work. It is clear that taking online education can give students more time with their family, the opportunity to save money, ability to work a job, and freedom to access their class/ classes anytime.
In 2004, according to Coyner and McCann, “Accessibility is one of the most essential benefits”, compared to having a set amount of time in a face-to-face class. (Irby and Li). Students are able to access their class any time of the day on any day, unlike students that go to face-to-face classes who only have access to lectures or teachers on certain days and certain times. Now students that take online classes are able to message their instructors anytime they need help and usually get a response within 24- hours. Students that take online classes are able to access their courses anywhere that has internet service. The even means that if a student’s Wi-Fi goes down they are able to use their phones to access assignments and even submit assignments as well.
A big thing students are always looking for are ways to save money. When students take online classes...

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...ter on grades due to the fact that they have access to their courses any time of the day and any day of the week. Students also do better in online courses due to the fact that they have their professors to communicate with more. Another reason a student does so well in online courses is because they have access to their lectures and Power Points for their classes any time.
Not every student will take the path of taking online courses. But at the same time many students have already made it to where all their classes are online and are getting degrees. Every student has their own ways of learning. Although, for those college students that haven’t tried taking online classes maybe now is the time. There are so many reasons to take them. Students can save money, still work, it is convenient, and still have time to spend with family (for those who have your own family).

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