Essay on Online Education and Policy Makers

Essay on Online Education and Policy Makers

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In order to justify this line of research the authors pointed to several reason (Orellana, 2006). One was very basic, little research had been done on the topic and most of the information available is in the form of anecdotal reports. In addition, magnitude of online education points to the need for more research. The cost of online education, combined with the numbers of students involved, clearly justify this line of research.
The primary audience for this research are policymakers. These individuals are not directly responsible for delivering the online education; however, they decide the class size for the online classes. These individuals range from those in Accreditation bodies to University administrator, as well as department chairs. Each level makes decisions that influence the practical size of online classes.
The literature review serves to provide a background for the topic as well as to clearly convey why the research is useful. The author described previous research into the topic as well as current standards for accreditation of online programs. The information presented set a good foundation for the current study. The author stated at the end of the literature review that the goal of the current study was to determine the perceptions of instructors on optimal class size and how it related to interactions during online courses. This information would be very beneficial to those involved in setting policies for online courses.
As the author stated, the purpose was “to determine instructors perceptions of optimal class size” (Orellana, 2006, p. 230). The classes being addressed were online classes and the author was interested in the best class size for various levels of interactions. The information about the ...

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...mpelling study. Although there are some limitations, having good, clear research is important in the burgeoning arena of online education. Although this was targeted at University level courses, the study could easily be expanded to lower level programs. As an avid consumer of online education, it is a fascinating subject. I have had a bachelor and master traditional education as well as an online T2T program and currently an online masters. I see great potential for this line of research. In fact, I plan to investigate it further and incorporate my findings into the classes I teach.

Orellana, A. (2006). Class Size and Interaction in Online Courses. Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 7(3).
West, M., & Curtis, J. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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